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First time patient???

Don't worry, we gonna take good care of you

Here is what's likely going on~


    Most first-time patients are wondering what's going on at chiropractic office. It is all vary depend on the clinic. Here is how it work in our office.

    First, you fill out the forms about your personal information like your name, birthday, address, phone number and emergency contact. Answer the questionnaire of your complaint area. If you have insurance info, we would like to know it if you using the insurance.

    Then, brief history of your complaints and vital will be taken also with range of motion, see where it hurts by doing what movement. After all that, orthopedic examination will be perform to determine what's the most likely the problem of your complaints.  After the examination, physical therapy modality will be assign to the complaint area by the doctor. Then move to the physical therapy right away before the chiropractic treatment.

    In our facility, the physical therapy including ultrasound, heat/cold packs, electric therapy and traction (cervical or lumbar/pelvic).

    - Ultrasound is a form of heat therapy, it penetrate to deeper muscle layer even to the joint space. Enhance the local blood circulation and promote the metabolic activities to help the damage tissues heal quicker.

    - Heat pack: This is use for sub-acute to chronic injury. This is more superficial heat therapy to relax the muscle and increase the surface blood flow.

    - Ice pack: Use for acute injuries, acute defines first 72 hours after the injury. Ice will decrease the pain and swelling.

    - Traction table: Primary we use traction table when our patient has cervical or lumbar radiculopathy, meaning their nerve is impinged by the cervical spine or lumbar spine, by traction, we can relieve some of the pressure on the impinged nerve.


After all the physical therapies, the chiropractic treatments will be taking place

Manual traction

C/T junction adjustment