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Dr. Tzerlin Prong



Dear first time patient:

         Chiropractic is a specialty that focuses on treating neuromusculoskeletal diseases.  Any injury or pain that was caused by improper posture, mechanics, and overuse syndrome is included in our scope of practice.  In general, my practice emphasizing on active care; that means we are not only treating your symptoms but also helping you to find out the real cause(s) of your problem(s) in order to enhance the healing and prevent from recurring.  Therefore, I would like you to know what you can do according to the findings.  Based on the initial examination, you at least belong to one of the following categories:


qAcute stage (symptoms started within 2 weeks of injury)

v  Ice should be applied on the injured area for 15 minutes of each hour session)

v  Rest is crucial

a.  Cut down activities and use during this period if your problems are  associated with extremities

b.  Lying in bed, walk, and decrease sitting are the keys for helping problems with lower back pain

v  Its not an appropriate time for exercises

v  Please use proper support for your problem by doctors recommendation

v  Its strongly recommended to consume supplement, OsteoCare, for better healing (Ibunex or Gluconex for topical use is also highly recommended for muscle and joint pain therapy)

v  Treating frequency and duration for this stage will be 2-3 visits per week for 1-3 weeks

v  X-rays will be taken if you involved with any trauma that was caused by auto injury, slip and fall, workers injury, or suspicion of fracture, etc.

qSubacute stage (symptoms occurs 3-6 weeks of injury)

v  You may apply heating device at home now

v  It is important to remember and follow doctors instruction in terms of posture awareness and wrong Dos in your daily living

v  You may do some light exercises and stretches

v  Treating frequency and duration at 1-2 visits per week for 3-4 week are expected

qChronic stage (symptoms persists more than 8 weeks)

v  Modified the wrong Dos is very important in terms of posture and body mechanics

v  It would be necessary to have X-rays or other advance studies such as MRI, CT scan, or associated Laboratory tests if your symptoms are persisting more than 6 months

v  Rehabilitation exercises relating to your injury are crucial to your healing in this stage

v  Treating frequency and duration at 1-2 visits for 6-8 weeks are expected

v A ContourCare lumbar cushion is strongly recommended to patients who need prolonged sitting or traveling

Note: It is a normal response of the body if you are experiencing increased pain or soreness for couple of days after treatment; you may apply ice pack to the pain areas for relieving discomfort.

        Neck and back pain are the most frequent symptom among office workers.  The symptoms are primary due to muscles fatigue that is attributed to poor posture and overuse.  The build-up of fatigue can lead to muscle stiffness and spasm; further more poor circulation and pain as resulted.  Therefore, its recommended to leave your seat and walk or do some light exercises in every 40-50 minutes.  


         If you are interested in more health information, please browse our web site @ www. eternalchiro.com